Photo ID Recaptures

Recapture Letter for Members
Recapture Letter for Members

If you are a working Local Member, who had their picture taken between January 1, 2013 and December 31, 2016 you are required to retake your photograph to receive your new Photo ID.  This recapture program is being offered at the Local 22 Union Hall in Malden, during the week of February 10th through February 15th.  Please read the attached letter for further instructions.

Every ACTIVE member needs to do this!  If you are retired, a plant worker, or public sector, or haven't worked in the past three (3) years, you DO NOT need to have your picture retaken.

Please refer to the schedule listed below and attend on the day associated with the first letter of your last name. The breakdown is as follows:

Monday, February 10th:  A thru B

Tuesday, February 11th:  C thru D

Wednesday, February 12th: E thru K

Thursday, February 13th: L thru M

Friday, February 14th: N thru R

Saturday, February 15th: S thru Z

If you cannot make the day you are assigned to, please call the hall to arrange another day during that week that works for your schedule.

If you have any questions, please call the hall (781) 321-6616.